Co-working Benefits

Be Yourself

You don’t have to put on a fancy “work persona” to come to the office when your office is here. Your boss isn’t gonna see that you wore brown shoes with a black belt, hid your hair under a hat, or wore that same shirt twice this week. And we won’t care. Come as you are and get shit done! When you’ve got your own space, you don’t have to impress anyone.

Take Control

Come in at 9 AM, noon, or anywhere in between. No one is here to keep track of how long you are here, at your desk, and engaged with your work. There aren’t quotas for attendance or focus levels. You’re free to run your own ship (within the sea of office hours, of course). Come in late. Leave early. You make your own schedule here, and we certainly don’t mind!

Find Community

It’s funny how when you love what you’re doing, you tend to make friends at work. We’re all about community here, and we’d love for you to make a new best friend in the office. Sure, we’re here to get things done, but we’re not about that head down, silent, no interaction life. You’ll be a part of office culture, if you’d like. And if not, we can accommodate that, too, and we won’t hold it against you. But when you need help, we’ll still be here.

Plant Roots

Starting a new project can be tough when office costs and personnel wages are so high. What if you want to nurture your intellectual and entrepreneurial garden singlehandedly? Sure, you could do it at home, but with all those distractions screaming for your attention, let’s be real. We can provide you with a space to start growing the roots that will support you through the future. We’ll be your office until that dream space comes available. We’re here until you no longer need us to be, and then we’ll wish you and your metaphorical fruits the best of luck as we send you out into the world.