What do you mean by “co-working”?

Webster’s defines co-working as, “A really awesome thing to do when you don’t want to rent a whole dang office but you need a place for yourself or your business to call home.”

Okay, maybe that’s not the dictionary definition, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

So this is in OC Creative's office?

Yep! We had a large space, too large, so we thought, "What can we do with the extra room?" The answer is let our friends come work with us! What are you waiting for?

What kind of spaces are available for me?

Our co-working space is roughly 30% of the space we (and hopefully you, soon) call home. Within that space, we’ve got personal desk spaces with walls (currently 6’x10’ and 6’x6’), first-come-first-served hot desks, a conference room area dedicated to our coworking partners, and a few smaller amenities (coffee station, water bar, and mailboxes, anyone?). In addition, while OC peeps are in the office, you'll have full access to our office kitchen space which includes everything—including the kitchen sink.

I’ve seen your dogs on social media and your web page. Can I bring my dog to work?

While we’d love to meet your doggos, the pets you see online strolling around the office have been through a pretty thorough office-compatibility barrage. We make sure they all behave in a businesslike manner, don’t pee on the carpet, and don’t hurt anyone or each other.

But please, please, please show us pictures of your beloved companions. We already love them; we promise!

I don’t wanna be locked in to some contract. What can you do for me?

While we'd miss you dearly, we don't require any long-term memberships, and we won't make you jump through three rings of fire before parting ways (as awesome as that would look on your social media).

Yes, you will be asked to sign an agreement that promises you will play nice in our space. And yes, for the sanity of our accounting administration, we'd like you to sign up for your payment via reoccurring monthly credit card payments. But give us the word in writing (email, snail mail, proclamation on our front door, etc.) and you will be able to stick around til the end of the month.

Are you closer to public library or band practice as far as noise level? What are your expectations for noise?

We’re not pin-drop silent, but we’re not singing and beating a tambourine, either. We take phone calls and help each other out on projects, chat, and prepare food. You’re welcome to live at the volume at which you’re comfortable, taking calls, chatting, and generally conducting business. We promise we won’t send the librarian to shush you.

Is this a solo space, or can I bring a guest from time to time?

If you have a friend or colleague that is interested, we ask that they sign up for a one-day trial. Then, when they fall in love with the space like you did, we'll know how to get in contact with each other. If they need more than one day to check us out, we have a 10-pass punch card available, as well.

My business needs an address. Can you be a landing place for my mail?

We’re happy to be your mailbox. There’s a small additional charge for this service, but we’ll take and sort and deliver your mail to your desk or hold it for when you’re in.

Will I need to work a side job to afford co-working in your space?

Not at all. We know that renting a whole office can be super expensive. Maybe you just need a desk that isn’t an hour away. We have several tiers of pricing for the various spaces we offer.

I’m more of a “dip my toes” person than a diver-inner. Can I try before I commit?

Absolutely! We’re not one of those jerks who comes by and splashes you or pushes you in. We offer free one-day trial passes as well as multi-day punch cards for those visiting often. At least until you fall in love with having your own space and decide to plant a flag (metaphorically, anyway—please don't jam a flagpole in the floor).

Won't you be our neighbor?

We can't wait to meet you!